Monday, November 6, 2017

Space Dust and Human Ashes (Part Two)
The coast of northern California is my all-time happiest place. I used to live in Fort Bragg and take visitors to see Glass Beach, a glittering, multicolored remnant of the town dump--multicolored glass bits and ceramic beads stretching along the shore still being polished by the waves. 

I've also visited the ruins of the Roman port Caesarea Maritima in Israel.

Miss Ogyny Attends the Olympics

Wedding rings? 
Back when I taught journalism at College of the Redwoods, I told my students that once they found the story their goals were to get it right and make it interesting. Recent reporting on women competing at the Olympics has been interesting, but not quite right.  Women make up 45-percent of the competitors, and more than half of the U.S. athletes at the games this year are female. But as Washington Post reporter Petula Dvorak points out, that doesn't mean they'll be treated equally. In case you missed it,


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