Sunday, March 6, 2022


I don't want to beat 
"the miracle of a late bloomer finally getting her novel published" 
to death...however (don't you love having one word for every 180-degree turn you'll ever want to make?!?), I recently bought one of those magnifying mirrors with the bright lights around it--very movie-star dressing-roomy--forcause, you know, somebody may want me to give a reading in person or autograph Trophy Girl up close and personal.

Let me tell you, I think anyone over 50 who turns on those lights and sticks his or her actual face in that funhouse-of-a-magnifying mirror and doesn't go screaming from the room deserves a medal for bravery. 

Ye gods, that's a lot to take in, and it's not a fun inventory. For example, when did the boundaries of my lips become debatable? Hard to say whether I should hire a make up wizard or go all out and get a stand-in. 

Rant over. Mirror available at Bed, Bath & Beyond. 😁
If you already have Trophy Girl or plan to order it from Amazon or another book site, may I send you a signed bookmark? And if you haven't read it, may I send you a sample chapter? Y
ou can reach me at with your snail-mail address (I never share these) and put "Bookmark" or "Chapter" in the subject line. 

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Marlis Manley (Broadhead)

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